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The László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant is announced again

The Hungarian Design Council is once again announcing the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant, which dates back to more than three decades. The main goal of the competition is to strengthen the Hungarian creative industry by helping the independent creative work and professional development of young talents, as well as to help the professional development of designers engaged in independent artistic work.

The László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant makes it possible for young designers to deepen their knowledge for more than three decades now, providing support for the realization of their plans, innovative ideas and experiments. The grant was established in 1988 by three ministries on the initiative of the Industrial Design Council’s predecessor. The names of individual organizations have changed in the meantime, but the fundamental goals—ensuring professional development, developing Hungarian object and environmental culture, increasing economic competitiveness—have remained. From the very beginning, the scholarship provided an opportunity for freshly graduating designers to unfold their potential. Over the years, the prestige of the scholarship has grown, and winning it is now one of the most important measures of value in the career of young professionals.

The total amount of the grant is HUF 9 million, and the financial support of each selected winner is decided depending on the applications. The minimum amount of the grant is HUF 900.000.

Applications are expected until April 1, midnight.

More information and the latest news can be found on the official Facebook page of the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant, and on its website in English.

This year’s visual identity was designed by:
Marci Borbás – HAROM.studio

Source: press release

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