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The most beautiful spas in Eastern Europe | Top 5

After the quarantine and the pandemic, we are really looking forward to relaxing in a pleasant spa. Our top list presents five spectacular locations from the region for those who wish to bathe.

Orhidelia Wellness | Podcetrtek, Slovenia

The Enota architecture office based its design of the Slovenian wellness center on the principles of landscaping rather than its architecture. Instead of looking for its own architectural expression, the building exists in harmony with the environment, blending into the landscape almost imperceptibly.

Lądek Zdrój | Poland

There has been a health center in the Polish spa town since 1241. The thermal pools of the beautiful Baroque spa were also visited by Prussian, Russian and Polish kings and aristocrats in the nineteenth century.

Aqua Dome | Oberlängenfeld, Austria 

The Aqua Dome combines the stunning views of the Ötztal Valley Alps with the elegant design of contemporary architecture in the only hot spring in Western Austria.

Gellért Baths | Budapest, Hungary

Of course, we could not leave out one of the outstanding buildings of the Art Nouveau architecture in Hungary, the Gellért Baths from our top list. Its unique spaces and exciting colors could even be the locations of a Wes Anderson movie.

Home Spa | Bratislava, Slovakia

At the end of our selection, there is also a private spa from Bratislava. The exciting mass construction of the two-story building made it possible to create an isolated, yet spacious, covered terrace in the bustling capital. It’s worth a look at how great the building plays with natural light!

Source: ArchDaily, Poland Travel

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