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From online space to the pantry | Falusi kosár

The Falusi kosár (Village basket) is a small online business founded a year ago that aims to make the unadulterated flavors of the countryside available to everyone in a large virtual basket.

The webshop sells the goods of the farmers and primary producers of Bokros and its surroundings, thanks to which the products are also available in the center of Budapest. The idea is undoubtedly necessary, as the company, which initially spread only through oral tradition, has now gained a base of thousands of followers. Noémi Csorba, the owner of Falusi kosár, has been growing vegetables with her family for generations, so the innovative idea is accompanied by sufficient expertise.

Noémi plays a prominent role in drawing attention to the agricultural treasures of the region, thus strengthening the prestige of Hungarian small producers and farmers. Closely part of the company’s spirit is to be in harmony with nature. They only trade in fresh and nutrient-rich seasonal goods, thus encouraging their customers to consume seasonal produce.

In addition to classic and exclusive products, in the future they will also try to sell gluten-free and vegan goods so that everyone can choose freely. The demand for Falusi Kosár is growing, so now the Hungarian products are delivered not only to the city center, but also to the agglomeration of Budapest.

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