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TISZA x Fortepan | Limited T-shirt collection for the summer

TISZA releases a special tee collection for the summer: the brand’s team has been thinking about collaborating with Fortepan’s archive for long, and now it finally happened.

The team of TISZA was hit by several waves of nostalgia: they published their call for photos made before 2000 featuring Tisza shoes a few months ago. Simultaneously, the Tisza team started thinking about the possible ways of combining a future product with the gems that can be found in their (and also our) beloved Fortepan archive.

After many hours spent with flipping through photographs, they finally chose three shots that we can now purchase in the form of T-shirts. One of them lets us sail on Lake Balaton in 1952, another one takes us back to 1979, to the faux leather front seat of a Zhiguli smelling like gasoline at the corner of Lövőház utca, while in the case of the third, the year is 1982 and we are at a photo shoot with a punk band in the focus (or at least we think so). The collection is limited: only a 100 items were made of each version. 

Those who would like to jump on the nostalgia train with Tisza can purchase the tees on their website, and you can also browse through the photos made before 2000 featuring Tisza shoes on the social media platforms of the brand. 

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