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Amikor a dizájntermékek valóban az igényeinkre koncetrálnak

Designing products is like an answer to our needs, and we really like when products are nice, aesthetic and useful. But one step means more, namely when a product is something more than just a table, a lamp or a cup. Look at this great idea of a Polish project named BezaProjekt, the team of which have designed a clock called “Drukułka”.


“Drukułka” looks like a cuckoo clock, but there isn’t any bird who is singing or giving a voice in each hour. At 5 p.m. the clock prints a sheet of paper, which looks like a ticket or a bill with a slogan like “Why are you sitting here? Things to discover are waiting!” and we can hear a sound of both a cuckoo and a printed machine. All of slogans motivate us to finish our work, leave office when we are there, and just take our time. A lot of places are waiting of us, it’s a time to discover them!

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The creator of the clock is a studio of two women, Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, who – besides designing – also take part in events to explore the power and idea that design give us. For example, they worked in a Norwegian prison in Vik and asked prisoners to design from a sculpture from the very beginning based on a car, or at another time they participated in an event in the National Museum in Warsaw, the task was to redesign 41 pieces furniture that belong to the museum. The feature of BezaProjekt is very active and has pleasant attitude. In all of their projects and activities they are observing what we really need nowadays, and design means much more than a product.

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About these events and projects and more you can read on www.bezaprojekt.pl.