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Coffee to go and spilled ashtray

Fresh cheese dripping on the tap, an ashtray all spilled out and an enchanted dachshund behind the curtain. There is nothing extraordinary in Beth Evans’s surreal world, only life itself. 

Written by: László Sebestyén

The simple moments of life on the set table, without which life couldn’t be life. The drying stripes of pasta on the armrest of the chair, coffee to go and burnt matches on the tablecloth. The odd, arranged disarray of the fish. Wine glasses and meals abandoned, because something more important called the diners away from the table. In her exciting still life photos, Beth Evans infuses high-end technology and the abstract emotions of simple, ordinary objects perfectly.

Beth Evans studied photography at the University of Westminster. She realized how creative the trade she acquired was while working with large format 8×10 analog film. She develops and blows up all her work manually. Her masters’ love for and commitment to the craft inspired her immensely and taught her a way of contemplation and creative self-expression.

She always shoots on digital medium format: she likes the slower pace dictated by the technology, this is what allows her to think and to immerse. So let’s immerse in Beth Evans’s world for a few minutes, let’s sit at her table, and let’s wait until the pasta dries and the cheese all drips out. Then we’ll keep on rushing anyway.

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