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Creatives in quarantine | Recommended by the editors of HYPE – Daily flow

HYPE’s editorial staff also went into home office mode. And although this form of life is not completely strange to us, we miss the usual office get-togethers (having coffee or lunch together) quite much. And what are we, editorial staff members doing at home, confined within four walls? We scribble, work out, water our flowers and listen to some music. 

Now we asked the members of the staff the following question: 

Tell us an activity that relaxes you/gives you joy/makes you happy/gives you a flow experience even during the quarantine.

Graphic design, 3D modeling, experimenting with new graphical styles.

Creating the paintings, graphics and tickets of exhibitions hosted in pony castles with my daughter. Drawing on square-shaped notepads, coloring with felt-tip pens and pencils with the toughest pop music in the background. This is my latest favorite!

Doodling and working out. I prepared for the possible quarantine with purchasing some weights and some extra notebooks – not that I don’t have cca. 20 spare ones at home right now.

I added sports to my daily routine. Yesterday I cycled in the city, today I ran on Margaret Island, and who knows what it’s going to be tomorrow… I’m all about sports, but unfortunately during the winter period this had to take a back seat owing to my job and other matters. But now I got a new chance! Every cloud has a silver lining…

Luckily I get to experience flow at my jobs (writing and teaching yoga) every day. I won’t be able to do the latter, but I will try to dedicate more time to my personal yoga practice during the voluntary quarantine, and I expect quite some flow from this!

I water my plants and learn to play music.

I wouldn’t call it a flow experience exactly, but it gives me strength nonetheless. There is a magnet board hanging above my desk, with various photos and birthday postcards. I usually rest my eyes on these while I’m working on a new article and I need a moment to breath. There are two postcards on this board from a very dear friend of mine – their words give me strength on these days (too.)

Drawing always relaxes me, I would like to incorporate creation into my everydays again.

May it be about office get-togethers, voluntary quarantine or home office, we still bring you the coolest design content. Take care of yourselves and each other!

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