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HIGHLIGHTS | Apps reimagined

We can be absolutely sure in two things when it comes to applications: 1) there is always at least one application that we downloaded once and never used it since, 2) if an application is updated and the design is changed, we are truly and utterly offended. With the transformation of user behavior, the applications on our smart phones also change. We present you the concept of the coronavirus application because it’s a good example of how we need the quick response of designers in the case of an emergency even more. But you can also see what a new, completely different appearance would be like on more popular interfaces, such as Snapchat or Wikipedia. Here it comes.

NCOVI-19 APP | Re-Design | Corona Virus App | by Ceri | Hanoi, Vietnam
Ceri Tran

Wikipedia Imagination | Moscow, Russia
Dmitriy Kozhevnikov 
Agima ru

The New snapchat | Palermo, Italy
Alessio Varvarà

NASA APP | Concept Design | Seoul, South Korea
Yoojin Song

Starbucks – UI/UX Redesign | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Daniel Tan
Daphnie Loong

IKEA app concept | Moscow, Russia
Artyom Kutcher

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