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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

The number of online creative courses, virtual exhibitions and free design-themed films has multiplied… the saying that every cloud has a silver lining might be true after all! This way, the time at home can be spent by developing our skills, watching movies or browsing through this year’s selection of Art Basel Hong Kong. And yes, perhaps the virtual and online exhibitions are the most interesting – and there are as many answers to the question of how this can be done well as many institutions there are. You will see several alternatives at the programs recommended here, too. Let’s see the details!

Queen to the H6 | online stream exhibition

We’ll hardly find a record of a cuter exhibition opening than the one hosted by H6 contemporary jewelry group in the virtual space last week: there was an opening speech and also some virtual champagne, just the way it should be. Anna Börcsök, Veronika Fazekas, Fruzsi Fekete, Kinga Horányi, Zsófia Neuzer and Nóra Tengely founded the H6 team in 2017, since then, the audience could see the jewelry of the six designers at their group exhibitions. They organized their latest exhibition at Leanzer newcraft, which they will also move to online platforms over the next month. You can watch the opening video on Facebook and the materials of the exhibition will be available in the next few weeks on the social media pages of H6. The designers will share new content regularly, so it is worth taking a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages once in a while. 

When: March 17-31, 2020

Where: online

More info: Event

Gary Hustwit movies online!

The art director known for his design documentary trilogy Gary Hustwit will make his movies free during the Covid-19 crisis, so you can watch one of his design-themed movies every week. You can watch Helvetica until March 24!

When:  March 17-24, 2020

Where: online

Hungarian National Gallery  virtual exhibition

The same as we can watch the collections of the leading museums of the world online with the help of Google Arts&Culture, Hungarian institutions also strive to make their exhibitions available. Some galleries, including Kisterem, publish their current exhibitions via detailed interior photos, while some museal institutions such as Petőfi Literary Museum or the Hungarian National Gallery opted for virtual tours. The latter digitized the re-arranged permanent exhibition titled Versions of Realism– From Munkácsy to Mednyánszky.  You can walk through each room in the virtual tour, and you can also take a look at the majority of works in high resolution. In addition, the platform is quite educative: you can access the summary descriptions of each room and the descriptions of the specific art works, too. 

Art Basel – Online Viewing Rooms

One of the largest (if not the largest) art fairs of the world was also forced to move to the online realms, lucky for us: between March 20 and 25, everyone can view a large part of the works of art intended to be showcased at the fair following registration.

When:  March 20-25, 2020

Where: online

Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė: ryxper1126ae | online version

The new exhibition of Trafó Gallery will be opened on March 24, which will be available in the online space, too.  “The exhibition of Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė invites and isolates visitors and the same time, leading them into the zones of the in-between. In-between the space of the real and that of the online realm, in-between matter and information, nature and its rendered representation, narration and theory, individual and collective experiences” – says the description of the event. The exhibition will be available until April 24, and the audience can also expect several online accompanying events during this time.

When: between March 20 and April 19, 2020

Where: Trafó Gallery – online

More info: Event

Élő Adás / Live Stream: Introduction to the sewing machine – basics

If you also have a sewing machine somewhere in your flat that you inherited or received a thousands of years ago, but you haven’t quite managed to acquire its proper use or simply would like to revise the basics, we recommend you a sewing workshop for Tuesday evening. In the course launched by AZTA Community Arts and Crafts Workshop and Spulni- Sewing school for everyone, after learning the basics of how to use the sewing machine, participants will make a bag also useful for shopping. 

When: March 24, 2020, 17:00-19:00

Where: online

More info: Event

Online courses

More and more companies announce new online courses or make the paid creative courses accessible to everyone free of charge. Domestika is a Spanish website collecting online courses similar to Skillshare, where you can browse through courses in the creative industries specifically. In light of the current situation, Domestika made some of its educational courses freely accessible, so you can pick your favorites from numerous courses, from introduction to embroidery through the secrets of professional mobile photography to storytelling portrait photography. The videos are in Spanish, with English subtitles. Speaking of online courses, we would also like to recommend a Hungarian initiative: from Tuesday afternoon, an online freeARCHline.XPcourse will be launched, where you can learn the use of the interior design and home decor software starting from the basics. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Masks for the front-lines! – Joining our forces for the workers of health and social care systems and those of the service industries

This is not the kind of “workshop” we have been recommending so far, but the current situation demands otherwise: in the framework of the new crisis project of Hannabi and Adománytaxi,  you can join the sewing of masks. The aim is to provide high quality protective masks to the workers of the Hungarian health and social care systems as well as service industries who are exposed to increased risks by joining our forces. Several other entities have already joined the initiative, including Müskinn creative workshop, amongst others. In addition to sewing, you can also support the project, and, thus the people who need protection the most, by printing informational leaflets, participating in carriage or via donations.

When: between March 20 and April 2, 2020

More info: Event

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