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Sustainable water taxi on the Danube

Futuristic-looking CrossWater water taxi promises fast, safe and comfortable travel, allowing us to get from one side of the water to the other in minutes – without harming our environment.

CrossWater water taxi brings the future of water travel, and it could also revolutionize passenger transportation on the Danube according to the visualizations. The self-driving “horizontal lift” powered by solar energy can transport up to 15 persons and allows passengers to get to the other side in only a few minutes, according to the designers. 

The snow white cube-shaped capsule caught our eyes partly because the designer team “dropped” the supercool watercraft in Budapest. The air-conditioned, extra safe CrossWater would transport passengers 24/7 on the water, and it could not only work on rivers, but on lakes and canals, too.

And whether there will be water taxis on the Danube or other places depends greatly on the success of the currently ongoing crowdfunding campaign. The designer team has nothing to complain about: more than half of the target amount of USD 100,000 has been reached already – those supporting the project can already subscribe for a pass, and they will even name stops after generous sponsors.

Source:  designboom.com

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