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Clean drinking water from sunlight and seawater

Solar Desalination Skylight is an innovative device that uses solar energy to extract salt from seawater, while also supplying households with light.

Now for the ninth year, Lexus Design Awards rewards projects that focus on improving the quality of life as well as protecting the environment. Finalists include the project called Solar Desalination Skylight, designed by Henry Glogau, which solves the problems of drinking water shortage and indoor lighting in a cost-effective way.

The device looks like a chandelier that can be fixed to the ceiling but it’s actually attached to a skylight. Seawater can be poured into the container through a tube, from which the device extracts salt using the sun’s energy and converts the liquid into clean drinking water, accessible through a tap. But that’s not all: at night, the remaining salt solution is used by the device to generate electricity, which then powers LED lights. This way, households that have neither water nor electricity installed can gain access to fresh water and light.

Source: YankoDesign

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