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Autonomous weed killer robot

Good news for farmers and hobby gardeners: weed control no longer has to be a time-consuming, difficult task. The robot built by Carbon Robotics uses a high-power laser to eliminate thousands of unwanted weeds per hour.

The development of robotics has opened up new horizons in the fields of agriculture and weed elimination, which used to frequently involve intensive manual labor and the use of harmful chemicals. To overcome the problem, Carbon Robotics has developed an automatic four-wheeled robot weighing 4300 kilograms; the device uses its built-in GPS to take care of plants. Unwanted weeds are identified by high-resolution cameras, and then eight simultaneously operating 150-W lasers kill them off by using thermal energy, eliminating more than 100,000 weeds an hour. The fully automatic machine runs on diesel and can operate around the clock, covering up to fifteen to twenty hectares. Its lasers leave the soil unharmed, preserving its microbiology.

Source: New Atlas

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