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Content creation at its best | Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod is more than your average phone stand: it helps you take great shots of yourself without having to ask anyone for help.

New social media platforms give rise to new activities, and new activities require new gadgets. This is how with the wide-spread use of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, video content creation has become almost a routine for young people. The unique content is many times made without help – without a cameraman, using only a few creative tips on how to time the shots and how to support the phone when we want to record ourselves.

The Pivo Pod responds to these needs exactly: the wireless device allows us to place our phones on it and to control recording, switching between the various modes and the movement of the phone with the help of a small remote control or via voice-control.

Your phone placed on the Pivo Pod rotates in 360 degrees following your movement, thus facilitating the one-man maneuver.

Pivo was first released in 2018, since then, the product has been developed on a continuous basis. The small gadget started off with a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, won the iF Design award in 2019 and has been successful ever since.

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