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Farewell letter to an iconic piano manufactory | A new iamyank album debuts

Hungarian musician iamyank says goodbye to the iconic Klavins piano manufactory in Vác with an exceptional album and an intimate video collaboration. The album marks a milestone in the musician’s career, as this is the first time he releases a solo piano piece.

The album entitled Una Notte (One Night) is a farewell letter of sorts centered around the Una Corda piano. Musician and fanatic vintage instrument collector Nils Frahm is also a fan of the same piano—the first prototype was commissioned by him and designed with his help. The music was recorded in a setting with a very special atmosphere, in the workshop of the world-famous piano maker David Klavins: this was the last time that iamyank could perform here, as the Klavins piano manufactory will cease to exist in Hungary in its current form.

The protagonist is not me, and not even the instruments, but the space itself, which can truly prevail during pauses and silence,” iamyank said.

Una Notte is a minimalist, tranquil album, accompanied by a four-chapter short film that depicts a transition from complete peacefulness to a series of surreal images: among other things, we can take a close look at how Una Corda looks from the inside.

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