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Flat-pack sauna | Studio Rain

Australian Studio Rain erected a temporary sauna in the spirit ofreviving bathing culture next to Melbourne’s Yarra River. The installation can be built and disassembled easily, and is also reusable.

Named „Atmosphere: A Revival”, the installation is made of recycled wooden materials and arrived flat-packed to the location. The walls and the ceiling are clad in polycarbonate, while the heat necessary for the sauna is generated by a wood-burning stove, making the sauna operable in any natural environment, without using power or gas.

The sauna comes with a slanted rood, facilitating rainwater harvesting.

The Yarra river used to be a popular tourist destination between the 1920s and 1960s, however, its water has become unfit for swimming by now. As an extension to the sauna, Studio Rain also installed a small shower, allowing users to cool off using the rainwater collected from the sauna’s roof.

The project was originally created in the framework of this year’s Melbourne Design Week, however, Studio Rain hopes it can get to several parts of the country as a travelling installation.

Source: Dezeen

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