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Freelancing through the lens of creatives | Balka

Nearly forty graphic designers, illustrators and animation movie directors showed what they think of being a freelancer in the framework of the online exhibition titled “Mint a hal a vízben” (Like fish in the water). The event was implemented in the framework of Budapest Design Week.

The aim of the online exhibition organized by Balka is to initiate a discourse about the everydays of freelancers and bring the representatives of different fields closer to each other. 

The participating creators reflected on phenomena characteristic of the creative scene such as the challenges of customer acquisition, the impossible deadlines, the night-time and weekend requests, the know-it-all clients, inexplicable creative briefs or working from home in the form of static works and motion pictures. Each of the creations are unique and mirror the style of the given creative well. The exhibitors include both long-time freelancers and beginners.

Tamara Bella: Aranyhal fixáció (Goldfish fixation)
Hajnalka Illés: ASAP
Zsófia Láposi: Life is a Beach
Dániel Marton: 5 perces meló (5-minute job)
Máté Gergő Muszka: v8th_finalfinal

You can check out the entire material of the exhibition on Balka Creative’s website. The good news is that the organizers also plan to exhibit the projects in the framework of an offline show later on.

Exhibiting creatives: Zsófia Bányai, Tamara Bella, Atos Bencsik, Aliz Borsa, Kinga Covaciuné Czuczor, Zoltán Debreczeni, Gita Elek, Farkas Szandra, Hanga Fejős, Saci Gázmár, Áron Huszlicska, Hajnalka Illés, Csenge Kalmár, Zóra Kondor, Adél Kovács, Zsófia Láposi, Mátyás Locsmándi, Petra Lilla Marjai, Daniel Marton, Gábor Mészáros – game4d, Nikoletta Mihalik, Alíz Moldovan and Tamara Dózsa – Studio Oneperone, Kata Moravszki, Péter Morvai, Bence Musinszky, Máté Gergő Muszka, Aliz Nagy, Anna Prakfalvi, Alíz Stocker, Izabella Szabó, Réka Anna Szakály, Eszter Szőcs and Kriszti Szepes – Slag Kollektíva, Bernadett Tihon, Rita Vándor, Dóra Visky, Zoltán Visnyai, Judit Zengővári.

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