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Frozen time | Adam Wilkoszarski

Empty waterfronts, abandoned RVs and drained off pools: Polish photographer Adam Wilkoszarski’s poetic and nostalgic pictures portray abandoned holiday resorts.

Adam Wilkoszarski visited quite a few European holiday resorts over the years so that he could create his photograph series “After Season”. The majority of the places displayed on the shots are located in Poland, Romania and Finland. The deserted lakeside cabins and forest campings captured seem to evoke frozen time.

“After Season gives an insight behind the scenes of leisure time and the organized structure of escaping from everyday life, giving life to spaces suspended in time. The leisure industry stops at the end of the summer and empties out: these resorts become unnecessary almost overnight, they freeze, and then they are once again ready to welcome the influx of thousands of tourists. This process repeats itself on an endless loop: the memories left here transform into gentle yet palpable traces– Adam explained.

Go and explore the rest of Adam’s work on the website or Instagram account of the artist!

Adam Wilkoszarski | Web | Instagram

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