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Wearable works of art | Anna Amélie

Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns, figures wearing laurels and olives in black and white. Anna Amélie’s latest collection ‘ALFA’ is about self-expression and revival, infused with a Mediterranean vibe.

The Anna Amélie brand is well-known for its sophisticated leather bags, however, we noticed that more and more clothing items appeared on the social media platforms of the brand during the summer season. The story started back in the time of the lockdown, when Anna, the founder of the brand, could not get her hands on some of the things needed for making the bags, and so she was forced to rethink her brand, thus giving it a new impetus. According to the designer, she has wanted to design a collection focused on apparel for a long time now, and now she managed to realize it.

The ALFA collection debuted with a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, displaying Anna’s characteristic and light, Greek-inspired line graphics in a patch-like manner. The novelties do not end here just yet: the collection is complemented by additional exciting pieces such as the jogger made of 100% cotton, a crop top and hoodie, as well as some mandatory and practical items for the summer, including a reversible one and two-piece bathing suit, made of recycled polyester, a caftan and a linen shirt. In addition to all this, Anna wanted to add an extra accessory – the collection also features sunglasses made of recycled plastic in vivid colors.

The oversized clothes represent comfortable elegance and naturalness, with Anna’s graphics being in the center. “I wanted to dress myself in drawings from head to toe” – Anna highlighted.“I think I managed to create every piece I have longed for in the new collection. I was raised in a family of creatives, surrounded by artists, therefore painting and drawing are basic activities to me – I am very happy that I could sneak my graphics into the brand. I realized that visual arts should not be separated from fashion, my clothing items can be wearable works of art, too” – Anna continued.

If you’d like to shop one of the ALFA pieces, go and take a look around the online store of the brand or the store of Margot Budapest.

Anna Amélie will also unveil some novelties in their fall collection, including a top and a coat evoking a tattoo, with Anna’s graphics playing the key role once again. We can’t wait to see it!

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