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Galya lookout tower | Galyatető

The Galya lookout tower built on the second highest point of the Mátra Mountains fits into its context innovatively. In this week’s episode of our PACE X HYPEANDHYPER architectural series we focus on this building handed over in 2015.

The summit of the almost 1000-meter tall Galyatető is located on the “Blue” national tourist route which passes through the hills of Northern Hungary: the lookout tower designed by NARTarchitects and built here is the most highly situated building of Hungary fulfilling the role of a viewpoint. The tower was built as the extension of an old viewpoint constructed in 1939. The architects used a reinforced concrete addition and a number of fascinating solutions to elevate the building, which is now thirty meters tall.

They also took into consideration the ratios of the old building when designing the extension, but the reinforced concrete addition makes a sharp visual distinction from the old tower structure. Even though they added a concrete extension to the remaining walls, the architects managed to create a harmonious end result, and thus the combination of old and new materials gives a contemporary aesthetic experience. The viewpoint’s fame and popularity were rooted in two elements, one of them being the steel stair-system covered with a fine, loosely woven stainless steel mesh at the external edge of the stairs. 

Previously, in the time of the 17-meter tall predecessor, the stairs used to be inside the building. With them being outside, we have arrived to the other stirring point of the tower, the interior. The freed-up space received a unique function: it hosts 3 bivouac shelters, each with a 9 sqm floorspace, lighted by colorful windows and fitted with the circular entrance, thus creating a truly special atmosphere.

In our series titled PACE X HYPEANDHYPER, we showcase a prominent contemporary public building from the Central Eastern European region each week. 

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