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Harmony of body and object | Borbála Vincze

Objects, object groups surrounding us can be defined as extensions of our bodies. Borbála Vincze made an attempt to reinterpret and examine this idea with her master’s project, the design of an experimental clothing accessory object group.

Accessory designer, Borbála Vincze is most interested in the relationship between the human body and the worn object. During the creation of her diploma project, her main goal was to find and design the harmony of the body and the accessory.

The biomorphic outline of the members of the imagined accessory group was inspired by the anatomy of the human body. Sculptural, sensual shapes form the basis of objects: these sensual body prints faithfully reflect and document the designer’s sensitive, independent creative thinking. 

During the design process, dynamic, customizable and identifiable shapes transformed into ready-to-wear objects. Representing an organic design, the eight-piece collection, made of using three types of leather, delicately balances between the borders of functionality and conceptuality.  

Borbála Vincze sees the conceptual clothing accessory object group created in this way as a search and an answer to the problem of how biomorphic forms and their boundaries can be defined and determined. 

The project, intended as an experiment in both its design and use of materials, has the opportunity to become a functional and manufacturable collection.

Photos: Borbála Vincze
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Source: MOME

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