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Annaliza Kiss has always loved cartoons; she loves the emotional depictions of characters so much that when something funny, unbelievable or sad happens to her, she imagines what it would look like as a frame in a cartoon. She also looks for the positive aspect of every happening in life: “a bad date or a break-up can have its funny side, too, and if I put that in focus, I can get over it more easily, and, on top of it all, if I draw and publish it, maybe I can also help others see the many times painful situations in this way. As the world is just as perfect as we are. It is important to accept our current situation and ourselves. Basically this is what the @lifeannalized project is about” – noted Annaliza.

Annaliza started her Instagram account in the middle of December, in a fully conscious manner. At that time, twelve days were left until Christmas, and so, being a big fan of the holidays, she covered the song titled 12 days of Christmas first. However, the idea and the style were already outlined in October – it all started with recording the meeting of a Halloween pumpkin and some “trick or treat” candy. Since then, most of the times she has been covering various situations from her own life. “One of my friends once said that so many things happen to me in a day that happen with most people in a month. This is not true, by the way, I am just somehow able to make a story out of every event, and talk about it a lot. This way, my stock never goes empty, I always have something to get inspired by” – she told us. 

She creates the drawings in Paint – basic colors, nicely pixelated lines. “If I can create something lasting and inspiring with the simplest and cheapest of tools on my own, I think that’s quite a good level, from which I can then move on up” – adds Annaliza, who, after graduating from the department of Design and Art Theory of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, currently works as an account manager at the press department of a photo agency. She plans to continue the lifeannalized series in the future on a daily basis, and she also works on a book illustration project.

Go and follow the @lifeannalized Instagram page of Annaliza! We warmly recommend it for every day of the week.

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