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Japanese storefronts through the lens of a Polish illustrator

Tokyo-based Polish illustrator-animator Mateusz Urbanowicz has been painting Japanese storefronts since 2017. He published a book collecting his works under the title “Tokyo Storefronts” in April 2018. Continuing his project, the illustrator expanded his repertoire with an additional ten storefronts, however, this time he pictures colorful, unique and imaginary stores only existing in his fantasy. Urbanowicz’s watercolor-like miniature world paints an imaginary Tokyo in the most gorgeous colors possible.

„Morishita Typewriters” – typewriters and word processors shop and repairs

„Morikawa Stamps” – a shop selling order-made Japanese seals (name stamps)

„Studio Mamiko” –  once a photo studio, currently a shop selling retro photo cameras and specializing in developing photos shot on film

Click here to check out Mateusz’ entire „New Storefronts 2020″ project.

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