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Lake Tisza on postcards | Réka Neszmélyi

Tisza blooming, cranes, heron and fishing boat – if you know the lands of Hungary well, these motifs will make you think of Lake Tisza, for sure. Réka Neszmélyi has drawn these symbols and now presents them in the form of postcards. Let’s see the details!

Lake Tisza is the second largest lake in Hungary after Lake Balaton. It has a rich wildlife and its own eco-system – a true paradise for nature lovers. Réka started to explore the area of Lake Tisza more closely a few years ago, and she plans to continue this with her own house boat from this fall. Her love and admiration for the area inspired her to raise attention to the preservation and conservation of the land in the form of postcards. 

“Lake Tisza is an increasingly popular domestic tourist destination. I have always been concerned by the fate of areas under development, especially when it comes to national parks or protected areas. It is formidable to see how newer and newer projects and developments start in the area. One can hardly see any untouched parts of nature near Lake Balaton nowadays, and I think this stands as a warning sign that this might just happen to our second largest lake, too. For me it is important that the people arriving to the lake turn to the land, the community and the wildlife with care, patience and attention. Even though my postcards will not solve this problem, they help us appreciate the values of the land and acquire a mindset that could make this situation better” – Réka told us.

The illustrations decorating the postcards primarily showcase birds, phenomena and characteristics that we can mainly see if we go out to the lake. Including the black-crowned night heron watching its prey on the branches of the trees reaching over the flushing channels and of course the blooming of the Tisza, which is an experience of a lifetime for everyone who gets to see it first-hand. Portraying the fishing community, their boats and habits was also important for the designer, as their approach and relationship with nature could serve as a fine point of reference for those visiting the area for the first time.

“For me, a postcard is obviously more than a simple souvenir, it’s a platform for conveying my message. It allows us to slow down and rethink our experiences and to send a few words to our loved ones. This medium gives a perspective to the project, so that it can continue to live when taken away from the lake” – Réka highlighted. 

Even though the postcards are lying in the designer’s drawers at the moment, according to plans, they will soon be available for purchasing! 

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Réka Neszmélyi | Behance | Instagram

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