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Story-telling label design from Halisten studio

Tale-like illustrations displaying fruity flavors and exhuberant life in Rococo style, compressed into spirit labels. Halisten Studio created a unique label design for the limited edition series of Gyulai Pálinka with 300 years of traditions, which is sure to get us in the mood for drinking some palinka. Here it comes.

Halisten Studio lays a great emphasis in its works on strong typographic expression and the use of emphatic illustrations: this is what makes them truly unique and recognizable. 

The mood of the labels designed for Gyulai Pálinka is inspired from the Rococo style, by adapting it into a contemporary visual expression, which gives a reference to the historic era in which the founder of the first palinka distillery in Gyula, Baron János György Harrucken also lived. This gesture also echoes on the clothes, hairdos and moves of the human figures portrayed on the labels. 

A different flavor is displayed and given in the form of stories on each label. The designers used the same color palette for the different illustrations for the sake of consistency, with a different color being in the focus on every one of the labels.

“Our basic idea was not to display the fruits on the drawings as the images generally indicating flavors, but for them to be incorporated into the illustrations in a figurative manner: for them to become objects, clothes or even part of the characters, and to show the specific flavors this way. Another important criterion in terms of design was to tell stories with the images, for the images to have some kind of added content, and also for them to reflect on the tale-like descriptions made of the flavors of palinka perfectly. The appearance of the characters and the dynamics of the entire illustration were born out of the sensations represented by each flavor” – highlights Barbara Bernát, the illustrator in the team of Halisten.

Art direction: Halisten Studio
Illustration: Barbara Bernát
Layout and typography: János Kőrös 
Photography: Richárd Kelemen, Bernát Barbara, Kőrös János 

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Halisten Studio website | Halisten Studio Behance | Halisten Studio Facebook

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