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The world in 2120, on cards

In the midst of the pandemic, many times we don’t even know what our next week will be like, yet there are some already fantasizing about what the world will look like a hundred years from now. Playing Arts collected the visions of graphic designers and illustrators into two decks of cards.

Vlad Korzinin, the leader of collaborative arts project Playing Arts decided to create the decks after he saw a postcard series created by French artists between 1899 and 1910 portraying what the world would look like in 2000, featuring homes on wheels, an underwater whale bus, aviation police and robotic cleaning machines.

Korzinin came across the series in March, which resonated well with the quarantine introduced during the first wave of the Coronavirus epidemic. He immediately felt that he needed to invite artists to design a deck of cards envisioning the future. 299 artists submitted their works for the competition announced for designing the decks dubbed Future, out of whom Korzinin ultimately selected the ones who got to fill a card with their futuristic illustrations. Robots, aliens, flying cars and face masks: the difference between the once envisioned future and the year 2120 pictured today is actually smaller than one would think. Except for masks: that’s something the artists of previous times didn’t really reckon with…

Source: Fast Company, Playing Arts

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