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Robot inspects use of masks

The latest version of the product of Japanese tech company SoftBank can detect whether office workers are wearing a mask and reminds those not wearing the protective equipment of its importance. 

The company developed the version of their existing Pepper robot optimized for the epidemic during the summer: it can scan the faces of up to five people to check if they are wearing a mask, and it does all this without storing any personal data. The robot can detect masks with even the most complex patterns, so we can trust its judgment completely.

Source: SoftBank

The robot checks the lower part of the face with the help of AI technology. If it doesn’t detect a mask, it displays a red circle on its screen. It signals the detection of a mask with a green circle, and thanks its wearer for their carefulness.

The Japanese company developed and released the basic version of the robot named Pepper in 2014. The Hungarian speaking versions of the 120 cm high customer service robot have been available in Hungary since 2018 owing to Netlife Robotics. The robot suitable to be used in commerce, hospitality, cultural life, education and research also comes with a face recognition and tracking software, and has already worked at a Hungarian private clinic in March this year: it helped to screen out those infected by Covid-19 with the help of surveys.

Source: RobotlabSoftBank Robotics

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