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Turntable and furniture in one

Minimalism and elegance in a truly high-tech object: this is the record player designed by Moiless, not only filling the space with music, but also decorating our homes with its extraordinary design.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

With the recent renaissance of vinyls, we get to enjoy records once again in a physical form, together with the unique sound that only the furrows carved into acetate will give us. There are plenty of different turntables on the market, but not many of them have a truly special design. The Moiless gramophone was designed for those who appreciate aesthetics just as much as sound quality.

According to the company, designing is like writing a novel – it’s about telling a story and expressing feelings. This idea can be observed in this special gramophone, too – creating a feeling of truly modern and minimalist luxury. The wooden rack housing the record player looks as if it was carved out from a single piece of wood. In addition to the turntable, speakers were also placed into the wooden housing. That’s all there is, no frippery. The opening under the record player also offers a perfect place to stack your vinyl collection.

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Source: Yanko Design

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