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Solar powered bamboo water taxi

An energy-efficient waterway faring vessel made of bamboo: the vehicle made by London-based design studio Duffy London offers an environmentally-friendly alternative for both passenger boats and cargo ships.

Dubbed Hari Pontoon, the solar powered vessel combines traditional craftwork with modern technology: it is made of bamboo, which is transformed into a water vessel by adding the latest solar power and battery solutions.

The extraordinary means of transportation was designed for Living Waters hotel in Indonesia, this is why they opted for bamboo, a readily available local material. The vehicle evoking traditional faring vessels in its silhouette is equipped with a single solar powered motor engine, with 60 horsepower. With its help, the vessel cruises at a speed of 8-10 knots, and is suitable to carry up to 15 passengers.

This is not the first time Duffy London has designed a watercraft: their previous projects include, amongst others, the vessel named Solaris Global Cruiser, a luxury motor yacht also powered by solar energy.

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Source: Design Milk

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